Meet Eric

ericEric N. Papas,  website designer, is receiving his brand new laptop from the Philippine Working Group (represented by Jeffrey Andrion). Eric is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the group's website. Hecompleted his Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology at the University of Southeastern Philippines in Davao City.



I'm Eric and I'm humbled to have my little page here on the official website of Philippine Working Group(PWG). I'm so blessed to be part of the PWG as their web designer. Because of the opportunity of making their website, I was able to apply what I have learned from my studies. They even gave me a laptop too which is very helpful for me in my studies!


I am a person with disability here in Philippines. Currently, I am living with my loving grandmother since more than 15 years ago, my mother died and my father is now living a couple of miles from where I live here in Davao City.

As a 'disabled' person and studying in one of the state universities in our country, I find it hard and challenging as the pressure is overwhelming. Yet, thanks be to God, with the help of my family, friends, and people like you who untiringly supporting the cause of every person with a disability, I am still proud to be different.

While I dont like you to be in tears with the story of my life, feel free to email me for any questions, comments or suggestions and  I would be glad to respond to it.  My email add:


Thanks and God bless!!!eric2