Davao City

R.O.P.E of Hope

(Rural Outreach for the Participation and Empowerment of the Disabled)

A long term rural outreach program with the goals of raising awareness in the target rural community to stress the importance of prevention and therapy in addressing impairment and at the same time to stress the human rights of disabled people, not as “victims” but as human beings. Working closely with community health workers (locally called barangay health workers-BHWs), these individuals shall help us in identifying disabled members of the community.


One of the KAAKBAY volunteers providing education to the community.



One of the KAAKBAY volunteers providing education to the community  

Adopt-a-Community Project

This project is a  concerted effort between the PWG and the KAAKBAY Center and an expansion of an existing project of the latter organization. Volunteer rehabilitation professionals visit identified disabled people in poor urban communities in Davao City on a weekly basis. Below are some pictures of the communities that we serve. The funds of this project is taken from the annual "Decorate-A-Christmas-Tree" fundraising at the Sunnybrook Holland Orthopedic & Arthritic Centre in Toronto, Canada.

physiopix1 physiopix3

Our partner KAAKBAY Volunteers providing rehabilitation services in the community

Adopt-A-Child Fundraising 


Christmas 2007


You will see in this video some of this children in one of  their sessions at the KAAKBAY Rehabilitation Center.