Cebu City

The rehabilitation equipment was donated to St. Vincent Hospital in Cebu City by the Canadian Ambassador, H.E. Christopher Thornley.

The PWG sent rehabilitation and medical supplies to Cebu City through a partnership with the Consulate of Canada. With the generous donation of individuals from Toronto, the following items have been sent:

2 boxes of crutch pads
1 box of crutch tips
2 hip cushions
1 back rest
5 Zimmer splints
6 pieces of canes
4 pieces of walkers

24 pairs of used wooden crutches
9 pairs of used aluminum crutches
11 pairs of NEW aluminum crutches (5'2"-5'10")
12 pairs of NEW aluminum crutches (5'10"-6'6")
3 ankle-foot orthoses
6 boxes of assorted medical and surgical supplies
3 toilet seats
1 tub bench
6 pieces of hemiparetic arm pads

10 standard wheelchairs
3 reclining wheelchairs

Many thanks to:

PWG members Hilda Ho and Jeffrey Andrion (for coordinating the event)
Rey and Isay Longkines (for the equipment storage in Toronto)