About our logo

PWGLogoWith the mission of equalization of opportunities for Filipinos with disabilities, the circle surrounding the globe represents our commitment to partnerships in achieving that goal. The strength of such partnership is demonstrated by the encircling arms. In this instance, one cannot distinguish who is able-bodied or disabled: that regardless of ability, one can always make a difference. By understanding disability as an important social issue, our identity as a working group  is represented by our thematic strength in human rights to achieve social justice for all.

The five heads represent our various partners: the disabled people themselves; the community and individuals we work with; our non-governmental organization partners, including professional associations and advocacy groups; government departments; and the academia.

Our motto: Concordia Res Parvae Crescent (Working Together to Accomplish More).

This logo was designed by Eric N. Papas, a person with a disability, and is the official website designer of the Philippine Working Group. He is based in Davao City, Philippines.